Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair

Don't let kerb marks, scratches, rust or paint chips ruin the look of your wheels

Alloy wheels are becoming the must have extra on all cars.  They improve the overall aesthetics of the car and give it a more premium look.  However, they are also prone to damage. So many people think they can’t be repaired and look at replacing them, but this can cost thousands.   Fortunately, Gordon Cooley have a dedicated alloy wheel repair service to get damaged alloy wheels back to as new condition for a fraction of the price of replacing them.

Damage can come in different forms.  The most common forms are kerb marks, scuffs, stone chips, corrosion and scratches.  Whilst some more serious damage – like cracks or big dents – may have to have a little more time spent on them, the general refurbishment process is quick and easy.  Small cracks are welded back together, dents are reshaped, kerb marks and chips are filled then the whole alloy is repainted back to the factory finish.  The finished product is baked to ensure the finish is extremely durable and then the tyres are re-fitted and the whole wheel is re-fitted to the car.

Alloy wheel repair is a relatively quick process and one that our highly skilled and fully trained technicians have a wealth of experience in.  The materials and machinery that we use to repair damaged alloys ensure we achieve a perfect finish first time, every time.  Due to the nature of paint systems and contamination, we strongly advise you get this type of work done in a repair center with dedicated spray booths.  Rather than having a mobile repair done, spray booths allow for a clean and imperfection-free finish, one that cannot be achieved by mobile alloy wheel repair solutions.

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Gordon Cooley should be your chosen paintshop because:

  • We guarantee quality as we repair your car to the manufacturers standard
  • We have expert trained and fully qualified technicians
  • We use genuine parts and repair methods
  • We fully check your vehicle post repair to ensure everything is absolutely perfect
  • We have an unprecedented level of customer service
  • We have access to technology that very few repair centers have
  • We repair our cars in an environmentally friendly fashion

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