Car Detailing

Car Detailing

A solution for minor scratches, marks, paint defects and general paint health.

Remember the condition of your car that time you collected it from the showroom?  After a while, you may be looking at your paintwork and it just doesn’t seem to shine like it used to.   It may be contaminated, scratched, damaged or just look a little tired.  We know you love your car and want to see it in its best condition.  Don’t worry, with our car detail service, we can get paintwork back to a showroom standard – and in some cases, even better.

We start by assessing the paintwork and determine the depth of detail required.  Every situation is treated differently and we strive to do the least amount of cutting and polishing to ensure the durability of the paintwork is maintained to the highest level.  Whether it is light scratches that need repaired, swirl marks or dull paintwork, we will revive the original colour and leave the paintwork with a mirror shine.  this is done through slowly and carefully cutting through the damage to reveal the undamaged layers of paintwork below.  Once this undamaged paintwork is found, we polish it up and apply a layer of protection to ensure the finish is maintained and is protected from any further damage.

Our team of highly skilled and fully trained technicians have a wealth of experience and an attention to detail that is unrivaled.  Our car detail center is modern and fully equiped with industry leading equipment and products.  Once your car has undergone its detail, it is fully inspected to ensure the quality that is expect from Gordon Cooley has been achieved.  After this, you can drive your car away and enjoy all the benefits of a new looking car for the fraction of the price.

Gordon Cooley should be your chosen car detail center because:

  • We guarantee quality as we detail your car to a superior standard
  • We have expert trained and fully qualified technicians
  • We use state of the art equipment
  • We fully check your vehicle post repair to ensure everything is absolutely perfect
  • We have an unprecedented level of customer service
  • We have access to technology that very few repair centers have
  • We detail our cars in an environmentally friendly fashion
  • We use only premium products that are rigorously tested and proven to be superior

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