Our Green Initiative

The clear solution is to end pollution

Information on how we have adopted environmentally solutions in our workplace.

Plastic Repair

We recently invested in a state of the art Nitrogen Plastic Welder and take great pride in how we use this throughout many repair processes.

The welder allows us to restore certain plastic bumpers, headlights, trims etc in place of discarding them and replacing them. This has also helped us dramatically reduce the amount of waste we dispose of.

The machine comes with its own generator which self produces nitrogen meaning we no longer require to have gas cylinder bottles of nitrogen in our workshop. This is not only great from a health and safety point of view but it also helps us in our mission to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum

Plastic Recycling

We are in partnership with Autoplas. The visit us on a weekly basis to remove and dispose of our plastic bumpers to ensure these items aren’t taken to landfills.

In a nutshell, they collect any bumpers from us that are not able to be repaired safely and sufficiently.  We then receive a duty of care note that ensures they will be professionally recycled minimising waste.  They are then taken to Autoplas recycling depot where they are then stripped of any metal clips, screws, number plates and then granulated into roughly 10mm pieces.  Once this is done, they are transported back to the plastic industry to be melted down and made into other plastic products.

General Waste

We’re committed to a recycling programme through BIFFA.  We have an in house system in place to split our daily waste that BIFFA will collect each week.

In turn, they dispose of this ethically to reduce the amount going to the landfills.