Repair scratches, scrapes, chips, dull and damaged paintwork to a superior finish

Don’t let the sight of dull, damaged or neglected paintwork be an eyesore on your vehicle. Whether its a scratch, scrape, chips or de-lamination, we are able to completely restore and renew your cars former beauty.  This is because we have all the technology and skills to completely respray, or partially spray your vehicle to achieve an unrivalled finish.  We use a durable, high quality and eco-friendly paint from MaxMeyer, colour matching technology and equipment only the top paintshops have. 

Our process of vehicle paintwork restoration starts by examining the damaged area to determine the extent of the damage.  This allows us to determine if we can repair the damage through cutting and polishing, the re-application of clear-coat or a complete panel colour respray.  We want to ensure we repair the paintwork in an efficient and cost effective manner so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary work being carried out.  Once we determine that a paintshop fix is required, we prepare the car by measuring paintwork depth in order to determine how much paint we need to use to achieve a perfect finish.  This limits waste therefore reducing costs even further.

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After prep, we begin the paint mixing process and use our state of the art equipment to colour match the paintwork to the rest of the car.  Our paint mixing system allows us to mix only the required amount of paint.  We will then proceed to move the car in to on of our dust free spray booths and begin applying the paint.  Shortly after, the hard and durable clear coat will be applied and the final paintwork will be baked on to ensure the finish remains locked in.  Finally, the clear-coat will be polished to a mirror shine and our inspectors will do a quality check to ensure an exquisite finish has been achieved.  Due to the nature of paint systems and contamination, we strongly advise you get this type of work done in a repair center with dedicated spray booths.  Rather than having a mobile repair done, spray booths allow for a clean and imperfection-free finish, one that cannot be achieved by mobile paintwork repair solutions.

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Gordon Cooley should be your chosen paintshop because:

  • We guarantee quality as we repair your car to the manufacturers standard
  • We have expert trained and fully qualified technicians
  • We use genuine parts and repair methods
  • We fully check your vehicle post repair to ensure everything is absolutely perfect
  • We have an unprecedented level of customer service
  • We have access to technology that very few repair centers have
  • We repair our cars in an environmentally friendly fashion

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